Lincoln version of the Escape

Since Mercury is being turned off this year, I would love to see a Lincoln version of the Ford Escape. Escape is small enough to get amazing gas mileage from an Eco Boost engine, but still retains the Tough SUV look. Add in the Luxury that Lincoln is know for and the new Terrain Response system that the new Explorer is debuting and you got one rocking little SUV. Basically a BABY NAVIGATOR. Small Luxury is in! Because you get your comforts, economy, easy parking lot abilities, and engine performance. Please keeps making and improve upon the tough SUV?
robert w 12/06/2012
Ford has the greatest products--their 2013 Escape and C-Max leave the competion far behind. Build on that to bring a Lincoln Version of the escape to market soon. Just EVER so slightly larger to maintain economy and yet more luxurious. With the Lincoln logo, it would be a big hit---go for it Lincoln. Put me down for order # 1--Robert Wagner