Liftgate Phase II

By Jean G.

I love your inovative idea of a foot activated liftgate to open it, but what about automating the closing of the liftgate (or trunk). I often find that when I'm unloading the trunk my hands are full and I have to either bring my load in the house and come out to close the trunk or, put things down on the driveway, close the trunk and pick the load up again. It would be nice to have both, foot activated and key fob activated liftgate closing system. I doubt this is a new idea, but I figure the more requests you receive for this feature, the more likely it is to be integrated.
James M 03/10/2014
The foot activated liftgate on the CMax already does this.  Are you speaking of a different car which does not?
Diana C 04/09/2013
put some kind of chairs in tail gate that fold away so can be used as extra on camping or flea markets , would be great thanks diana