Liftgate Change

I love the hands free liftgate technology on the new C-Max. But I would love it even more if it was off to the side of the bummer instead of in the middle. I want to add a hitch for hauling my bike and this would not allow me to do that. I would purchase a C-Max if this was corrected.
Brad B 04/03/2013
Hey Ford & Carol P ! I have your answer. Curtis MFG has a 1 1/4" hitch that can do what you're wanting. I have a hitch hauler for my wife's wheel chair and the Curtis Hitch is built to work with the hands free feature. My C-Max's name is Herbie (yes, I name my car) and Herbie does great with the hitch. Herbie also gave me 52.8 mpg two weeks ago going from Dunn to Wilmington NC. C-Max Rules!