Let's add gauges to the new Explorer

I have been pondering this one since I first checked out the new Explorers back in 2010.
I love a full complement of gauges in my vehicles, but that’s becoming hard to find. The most we can get on our new Explorers is a round tach, temp gauge, fuel gauge, and speedometer. No voltage or oil pressure gauges. IMHO, that right hand LCD screen area is under utilized , (most of the time all I’m looking at is the compass ball). Hey, Ford how about THIS idea…

(a.) Put design matching oil pressure AND voltage gauges on the right hand LCD, (matching the radius of those on the left). You should still have room for the compass and other info.
(b.) Me thinks all the data needed for those gauges is there in the BCM, all you have to do is tap into it! (Software).
(c.) Now the biggie: make this BACKWARD COMPATIBLE via SD card so we Explorer owners can do the upgrade.

I think it would look so cool and symmetrical, and yes, I would be willing to PAY for that SD card !!!

What do forum members think?

What does FORD think ??