LED Innovation

By Gary P.

Ford, like so many auto makers, has failed to embrace the LED and all of the design and customer convenience options it offers, and still be within the cost parameters. All that Ford has done, for the most part, is replace incandescent bulbs with LEDs. But we still have a one or two overhead bulb map light. Why not run a string of LEDs above the driver and passenger seats so that when someone is trying to read/see something there is true available light. Or, run a string of LEDs along the sides of the header. On the exterior, replace the single bulb marker light with a LED string that both servers to act as a marker as well as a nighttime design element that people would recognize as a Ford. Look at what Audi did with their daytime running lights. LEDS are now cheap and create little or no incremental load on the battery or alternator. To paraphrase an old tag line, LEDs bring good things to light.

09 Mustang GT Convertible owner
Andre C 08/16/2013
Great idea and I would like to add that all Hybrids and Plug-in Hybrids would benefit greatly since led Bulbs use 85-90% less current than Incandencent bulbs. 

If the curent drawn currently is say 12 Amps then 12 x 12 = 144 watts are being used or 0.144kw.  Using Led Bulbs that could drop down to 22 Watts.
Sasho Z 12/28/2012
I like this idea. And I would also add to it - Replace all light-bulbs with LED's (except maybe the headlights H6/H7 lamps, but I'd replace them too).
Dustin M 12/25/2012
I agree fully. Ford is falling behind again focusing on the wrong areas. And when they do add LED's it's in awkward places. Not sure if the designers just need to be replaced or what. But they need to redo the new Escape, Fusion and Focus to incorporate what the consumer wants.