Lane guidance on drivers screen.

I have brought a new focus with inbuilt SatNav.  You have the centre console screen with the map on, with the addionional information such as turning direction arrow & distance, arrival time, & lane guidance.  There is also a trip computer screen on the dashboard/instrument panel that puts up the directional arrow when the navigation is on. Can you put the lane guidance onto the trip screen, with the directional arrow so it is easy to see, rather than hidden within the map clutter.
On the righthand side of the trip screen you have the cruise control data at the top, the directional arrow in the middle, & the odometre at the bottom. My suggestion would be to put the cruise control data in the bottom centre (seems to be a blank space inbetween the gear selection & the odometre), & put the lane guidance markers in the top right side above the directional arrow (where the current cruise control data is).