King Ranch...On any model....

By Eric H.

After owning a king ranch eddition expedition I can say with confidence that it is by far the best leather interior in a vehicle I have ever owned foriegn and domestic. That trim level shoudl be an option on smaller vehicles like the EDGE and Explorer. I suspect its limited to the larger vehicles such as the F150 and up as well as the SUV's of similar size and ilk but if th KR option were available on the explorer or Edge, I think you'd get pleanty of takers. Just because I don't want 12 miles to the gallon for my daily driver doesn't mean I don't want to be snuggled in that fantastic leather. As an alternative...consider stepping up the quality of your normal leather interior to nothing less than the KR. The difference is noticable and instant. The thickness of the leather makes a big impression.
Ford Guy 03/13/2012
I would like to know why Ford only offers the King Ranch in crew cabs. I like the idea of a fully optioned truck but at +60k list I would like the thing to fit in a garage stall. A single guy has limited use for four full doors, an extended cab would work just fine. Been a Ford guy for a long time, just would like to be able to get what works.