keyless tailgate release

I just read the article below about Foot-operated tailgate releases on Yahoo The 5 worst new-car features of 2013.
Fundamentally, the idea here is great that you use one of your legs to activate the hatch while you teeter on the other leg. But the reality is that, while loaded up with groceries, you balance on one leg to activate it, then shuffle backward so that the hatch doesn’t hit you as it’s opening. Even after trying this feature in a number of new vehicles that have it, we don’t see it as fully fleshed out. We’d love to see it return, in a way that doesn’t make us feel like we’re courting disaster.

What if the device was placed on either side (behind the tire) of the vehicle insteadofthe rear? Placing it on one of the sides will allow the tailgate to open freely. You could also lean on the vehicle until the tailgate opens, if you happen to grab more than you could carry.