keyless entry on Escape 2013

I have been researching the new 2013 Escape and am disappointed thatsecuricode keyless entry isnt an available feature on all models--particularly the titanium. I use this feature all the time with leaving my car running for my dog by locking it with the last two buttons touched simultaneously. I will be very unhappy if I am forced into one particular model so that I can get this feature. Come on, guys, add that keyless entry--even with the fob.

Reg Fortune 10/09/2012
Just ordered the new 2013 Escape and assumed it had keyless entry like the 2010 Fusion I traded-in. We use that fetaure a lot...esp for locking everything in the car when we travel and are out and about and don't want to lose anything or have something stolen...incl the car keys!
This is bad news.....and disappointing!