Keyless Entry - Driver Door Keypad

By Bob S.

Regarding the new C-Max hybrids, please include, if possible, the Keyless entry driver door keypad as part of the basic equipment level or at least a generally available accessory. I've come to heavily rely on this feature in my current Fords, particularly as I've aged and have become more easily distracted and hence am locking my keys in the car more often. Thank you.
Marianne 12/04/2012
This feature would probably be the tipping point to make me buy a CMAX. It's very annoying to have a push button start without a keypad since it is very easy to leave the keys in the car. Listen up Ford!!!!
Nola Riggs 12/17/2011
Lets go another step forward and eliminate the key twist to start the car. Give me a button like some other vehicles use
Brad Barefoot 11/02/2011
I agree, the door keypad is nice. If for just this reason, you want to check the oil and other fluids and don't have you key.