Keep Building the Ranger here in USA, update the chassis and powertrain.

Ford Ranger has been American since it's origination. Producing it here has been an important selling point to the majority of it's customers. "I won't by a Toyota or an import" I have been told over and over.
Updating the powertrain will make many people happy, and sway potential import consumers. Power and economy, we want the best of both worlds, along with the stamp, Made in USA. The 2.x Ecoboost makes power, the 3.x Ecoboost makes more! Take the 6 speed trans from the mustang and we have over 26mpg easily! The Ranger has less aero resistance than the F150, so it's obvious Ranger can still tow what We need for our projects.
The chassis can be updated easily, and put on the line as is currently, no loss in costs there. A crew cab can be added just as easily and efficiently.
Instant sales hike from demand and people can still buy built in USA. You have a plant in MN dedicated to the Ranger. I bet MN would help in facilitating a steel plant.
Keep it in Production so we don't have to go elsewhere for what we want, because ford will loose sales to the competition.
Matt 04/02/2012
If you can make a base model ranger for about $15000. no power anything, just the basics for people that want it. I want all manual locks, seats and mirrors. All i want is an AC and a Radio. You get that price point and you will sell a ton. The ranger is too close in cost to the 150
John Callahan 12/10/2011
Kevin is dead on.. The compact truck segment has not shrunk due to lack of demand but because of the products offered. Pushing compact trucks upmarket with upsized vehicles such as the Dakota, Frontier, and Tacoma is a failed strategy when their price points and mpg make buying a full size truck a no brainer- the T-6 suffers from this same affliction. The Ranger does not share that affliction but instead suffers from starvation in development and promotion. Improvements such as a modern fuel efficient V-6, Synch/MyTouch, and a crew cab along with proper promotion would rekindle interest in the Ranger with improved sales at far less cost than a whole new platform. The original VW beetle is the business model Ford should be pursuing with the Ranger given that profit margins are far less than the F-150.
Juston Preble 11/13/2011
Ranger just needs a RWD 4cyl w/160HP & 225 lbs/ft Torque, NAV, improved sound insulation from engine and road noise, and rear disc brakes... Made In The USA... also is part of my Ford Pride. I've bought 6 fords off the lot and I'm only 30yrs old, married w/ our 3rd child due in Dec... Please listen to Americans who believe in America. We start businesses, we buy American, we have families who us succeed while driving a Ford...
Jim H. 09/09/2011
I agree. I've had a F250 and two Rangers (currently drive a 2003). I can see into the bed of F150, much less get anything out of it without a hoe to drag it out. It's just TOO BIG! Won't fit in the garage, either. I need to commute, haul, and tow. And, better gas mileage would be wonderful. Ford's afraid a mid-size Ranger would cannibalize F150 sales. NOT! Those of us who buy Rangers will find another small to midsize truck somewhere else before we buy a behemoth we don't want. Wake up, Ford. Don't drive us into the arms of another manufacturer. My wife drives a 2011 Fiesta. We both love our Fords, but don't doubt for a minute that we won't move our loyalties if you don't listen.
Dennis Gorsett 08/30/2011
Do it. Continue the Ranger, add a crew cab! Revamp body style to mini-F150 styling and add a Bronco type variant. I would buy it in a minute. With the changes to the Explorer Ford does not offer a truly off roadable vehicle. Bring back a Ranger based Bronco and I'll get rid of my Wrangler!
Brent Mull 08/29/2011
Ditto on all accounts. God bless all of you! Read my lipps!! I do not want to buy a full size pick up and I do not want to buy a GM or foreign small truck. But Ford is forcing me to do so. Other car companys are building small trucks and still making money. If Ford stops building the ranger I will buy from another car company. That includes my Wifes car also.
Sal Undy 08/26/2011
Totally agree, Ranger just cannot be killed, even 50,000 units per year should be worth continueing, just work is over and it'll sell even better
Adam Webb 08/26/2011
I've owned 2 Rangers, and I want a third, fourth, and fifth! I want to buy a good US produced midsize truck, come on Ford keep the Ranger going!
Andrew 08/25/2011
Keep building it! Ford let this model die, for reasons I can't comprehend. the Ranger owned the compact truck segment for decades. Update the styling, stick an ecoboost v6 in it and bring the Ranger back!! (ps Ford: I wont be buying a f150 instead)
Kevin Mcgee 08/25/2011
An accountant does not realize that a truck is not comparable to a car. They are looking at the dollars and using mapped statistics to compare the two. When the proper comparison would be a ridgeline, taco, VW, and the Ranger. The market seems dwindled, but that is mainly due to ignoring the necessities and advancements. VW will make a small truck, that will take sales away from Ford. Did the accountan figure that trend into the calculations?
I as a consumer chose my Ranger for a few reasons; neighbor built (my family lived in MN and still have friends there ), affordability- cost of maintenance- overall cost- and repair costs, all affordable to me. My money put food on US plates and paid US bills. I can say I saw the people who made my truck, taco owners can't. My truck has applicable dimensions that hold viable use and access for any one to hop in.
The people who made my truck also made sacrifices to help the company they work for so that they could get threw a tight spot. Sounds like what my friends and family do for eachother, we support one another.
My father endorsed my choice in buying a new Ranger because he had a personal tie to them, as a doctor at the Mayo Clinic he had patients from TCAP, and has friends from the US Air Force who live near by.
This is a proud thing I stand for, and I want jobs to stay here in USA, and this can even open up more jobs as well.
If I don't make sense, let me know, I enjoy conversing about what points I can improve on.
Robert Todd 08/25/2011
You just know that a lot of Ford engineers and stylists would love a Ranger project and in fact I bet there is engineering in place as far as updating the power train BUT this is an accountants decision. They are sure that if you can't buy a Ranger, you will decide to buy the cheapest Focus and be happy. I wish that I could locate the quote that I read in Motor Trend by a ford accountant saying just that. I will keep looking
kelly kirk 08/24/2011
I,have been reading so many different thing about the ranger being dropped after 2011 , I cant believe, FORD is that short sided to think 50 k + people are going to buy the F150 . There is a reason why people pick the ranger over the F150, cost,size mpg. The craziest thing I have read is , well they will buy the focus or fiesta . This is way off base. The last thing a truck owner will do is buy those cars , key word is TRUCK. If the ranger dies in the USA , you are just giving money to TOYOTA , NISSAN SUZUKI CHEVY , ect. I, know I , wont be buying a F150, TOYOTA HERE I COME!
Mortimer Duke 08/24/2011
To claim it's build location to be important to "most" of its buyers is sheer fallacy. But Ford's lineup shift isn't as much driven by market demand as by artificial fuel economy mandates with which Ford has to cope - often despite what buyers clearly want.

However, if Ford were able to produce Ranger on a cost competitive basis rather than being subjected to the industry's highest labor costs (even higher than at Ford's bailed-out competitors in which the labor union representing Ford's workforce owns considerable stakes), I'm sure Ford would be falling all over itself finding ways to build ever-increasing volumes of new products - even for export.

Sadly, that's not the case. And despite the recent profits Ford has recorded on-paper, it continues to have over $14B
Katherine Kennedy 08/23/2011
Its a great truck, built here in the US by our hardworking friends and families in UAW Local 879. First in Quality and a stand out plant for Lean Manufacturing! There remains a market for this vehicle here in the US.Simple economics tells us US manufacturing is what supports a local and national taxbase..The money stays where it's earned. Take another long look..This Plant needs to stay open!
Tom Laney 08/23/2011
If you close the St. Paul Ford Plant I will never buy another Ford as long as I live.