K9 Edition Trucks and SUVs

By Dave P.

I would like to see you build a package for your Trucks and SUVs geared toward people who travel with pets. Solid floors without gaps when seats are folded, lock/window covers to keep Fido from opening the locks or locking you out. put the door handles under the arm rest, requiring a lifting motion to open the door. Special tie down points to harness them in. Claw friendly door inserts. Make the rear sliding wing adjustable. Install paw friendly carpet and seat covers. Multiple kennel friendly anchor points. Special emblems to identify the vehicle carries animals. You could have built in bowls in the front seat backs. Install a special air vent on each side that can be opened on rainy days to give a blast of fresh air. The rear bumper area should have a leash tie point or two. The last item I would put in the package is a special storage area for clean and dirty towels.