Iphone Dock

By Tim D.

Make a docking cradle where you can dock your Iphone/Smartphone in your vehicle and it allows you to use the sync system to listen to you music, place calls, and all that other stuff, and make it so the Iphone/Smartphone becomes a useful monitor for the vehicles that don't don't have the in dash nav unit. The text scrolling displays are very inconvenient and not user friendly at all. If anything there should be something between Apple and Microsoft and Android to allow for their products to correspond. Winamp manages to pull it off..
Paul L 08/18/2012
Smart phones are being used as GPS devices now and will always provide more flexibility than a built in device (I don't want to deal with yet another device!!). I would be ecstatic if Ford could design the car with a holder specifically for the iPhone so that I don't have to block my air vents, or have phone placed in some odd angle, etc.