internet capabilities in automobiles

It basically allows you to use a tablet; or a laptop in the vehicle, so if your on a road trip your never to far away from information!
Zachary W 07/11/2014
My buddy has an Audi Q5 with built-in wifi. He has not renewed outside of the free 6 month trial but I can say he used it for streaming music very well over those months. I never had a chance to try with a loptop but there were no issues with his phone, my phone or another passenger's so long as the car had reception for mobile data (much like a smartphone).
Brett M 07/07/2014
This seems like a very necessary concept, as long as the network connection is on some sort of satellite connection, because no matter what mobile network carrier I've used with my cell phone, I have always run into many dead zones whether it be on the highway, mountainous back roads, or city streets.