Integration smartphone with car system

Smartphones are very popular nowadays. They have plenty of functions that people love and use. My first idea is inventing a common interface to bind any smartphone (iOS, Windows Phone, Android) with car system. It is obvious that we should have possibility to make a call, but I see more applications using this integration. For example I think that on car's displays we should have possibility to display copy of smartphone display (via DLNA for instance I think). It could be a function in system, that can be on/off using remote (in wheel for example). Cars should also use internet connection that produces mostly smartphone. That Internet connection could be used to serve some info for driver, share Internet connection for passengers in car via WIFi for example. Smartphones have great voice assistants now, still developing. Maybe if user had connected car and smartphone he could have access to use that voice assistant calling him by some button or buttons combination using car's remote. I think that creating that connection, open many new ways to improve convenience of driving (for example by new ideas of apps creators for mobile OS).