Instead of a "low tire pressure"warning, use an" actual tire pressure monitor"

The problem with a warning signal, you don't know how long tire pressure has been low causing 1) decreased tire life 2) rate of deflation is unknown [may have been a slow leak for a while or you just picked up peice of metal and its going flat NOW.]
With a tire monitor 1) you will be able to check tire pressure at ANY time, thereby eliminating trying to find a gas station that still has AIR & TIRE GAUGE to check tire pressure let alone trying to use these to get an accurate pressure reading, especially women and teenagers. In a vehicle that you can find so many creature comforts, something like this is not only aconvenience but also fits all but one of the catagories listed above. This item has been enployed & enjoyed in Jeep Grand Cherokee since at least 2004.
Thanks, 1walt1
Larry 07/31/2010
I absolutely hate getting down on the road with all the dirt and grime all over me to measure all the tires every few weeks. GM's cars read the pressure directly, and can even send it to the owner's PC via OnStar. It's also nicer for safety. The tire could be shot by the time Ford's sensor works.
This was one of my biggest concerns in comparing with GM Saturn's Acadia/Outlook versus my Taurus X. Get up to date Ford!
TheThing 06/26/2010
I totally agree with your. I recentlly bought an european Ford Focus with that option and i was dissapointed that you can't see the tyre pressure. Time to upgrade Ford, its up to you.
Bye from the north of Spain and south of France!