Inductive heater cup holder

By Al R.

When i am driving, especially on the highway, I like to have a cup of coffee to sip on. Trouble is that it gets cold before it is gone. I'd really like to have an inductive cup heater built in to the cup holder to keep my coffee warm. And a nice Ford logo'd mug to go with it.
Chris S 12/29/2012
This what I would like also because I am a coffee drinker. I have a plug in thermal cup, but only handles 14 oz and I normally drink 20 and 24 oz cups of coffee at a time. Since styrofoam cups could be a problem, I wouldn't mind having to buy a cup that specifically fitted in as long as they had a minimum of 16 oz cups.
Jonathan G 12/28/2012
sounds dangerous.. especially if we are talking coffee temps. plus, on even an hr or so drive for me some days my thermos does the trick!
Banks H 12/28/2012
With the current (no pun intended) recalls on new Ford releases,
maybe in inductive heat source in a space where flammable materials or ferrous objects may collect is not so great an idea.
Maybe a cupholder with a warmer to delay the cooling of your morning java would be a better way to boil that frog.
Brad B 12/28/2012
This is an excellent idea but its already offered in the Escalade and a few other higher end vehicles. Same with the cooling version.
bryan n 12/28/2012
for christsake bring back the standerd transmission,and put a drop nose on trucks like the 650 trades people can't afford to lose trucks for couple of days I'm considering other options for next truck I buy a truck for work not a toy.I don't like being told what I can and can't have.thanks bryan nuttall vancouver canada
Austin C 12/28/2012
Inductive heating would work, but inductive cooling might be a bit harder. Maybe putting thermo-electric chips around the cup holder could achieve heating and cooling by changing the polarity of electricity running through them.
Martin B 12/12/2012
This is an idea that I was searching for also! But also have it keep cold drinks cold!