Inconvenience features

I would like to see some new capabilities in the future Ford line ups that include the ability to change the convenience features, such as the ability to disable all of the lights that turn on when you unlock the vehicle or open the door, disable traction control by (Car Dealership only to avoid novice driver accidents), disable flashing lights when vehicles are locked and unlocked. To sum it all up all of the features that the factory places in all the vehicles by default without the ability to change/disable them should be something to look at allowing people to alter. (Again some should only be accessible at the Dealership to avoid novice, incompetent, negligent drivers from altering key features)
Matt D 02/20/2013
I'm with PhilG, but add a password protect on the options for parents who share their car with their kids.
Phil G 11/03/2012
I disagree with only having disable options available at the dealership. A simple menu in the MyFord touch that pops up a safty warning and makes the user agree, or a switch in the fuse box would be enough to remove insurance liability for Ford, and enough that a novice driver would need to go out of their way to disable or change.
Patricia Baker 11/02/2012
And who decides who the negligent and incompetent drivers are? Allowing dealerships to disable safety features sounds like a disaster in the making.