Import media via usb

It would be great if you can import MP3 via a cd or usb...not just factory cds in wav format
terry miller 02/13/2011
What Branton said. It's a waste of the owner's time to load music as it is. The waste is mitigated by adding a second device, but that removes the value of the first device.

20 minutes to copy the music from a media store to a thumb drive via wireless. 5 minutes to copy them to the computer via usb. 3 minutes per album to burn to burn to disc. 20 minutes to load into the nav system if you're not listening.
Brenton Rose 01/11/2011
This is exactly what a USB was designed for, to transfer information at a high rate. Using a CD to transfer songs is impractical considering most songs are purchased via online according to the American Music Industry.