if you build it we will buy it...???

there has to be a transit that is a cab &chassis .for the people like me who want to have a dump bed or a flat bed . i think the new transit has good motors and is the right size for the u.s market . but you need a good 4.cly motor as a base model ..i know i'm not the only one waiting for the transit to hit dealerships.. and when it does i want need one to replace my 98 f250 with 220+ miles of very hard work on it. DON'T LET US DOWN FORD. ........sincerely one guy and a old ford pickup
Brad B 05/30/2013
Hey Michael R. & Ford ! Michael take a visit to Ford's UK website. There you'll find the Transit in a flat-bed configuration. I'm a horse ranch owner and a Transit based flatbed really makes better sense than a pickup. Why? Versatility, the flat-bed with fold-down sides allows for more hauling variations. This configuration also allows the use of under the bed tool boxes that won't clutter the bed. Here is a thought, give us a F-150 with the flat-bed.