Idea for Lincoln vehicles

I can't take credit for this idea, wish I could.
Why not incorporate a concealed tube inside the rear doors of Lincoln vehicles, for storage of an umbrella?
When you open the rear door, simply look at the door's edge and see a tab sticking out. Push on the tab, to reveal and release the umbrella inside. This would always keep an umbrella available to the passengers that is easily reached yet never in the way.
There's nothing worse than having a wet umbrella sitting at your feet on the carpet, or having to get wet while going to the trunk!
David G 02/04/2013
VW did it with the Phaeton, their flagship! Id est a "smart man's" (not poor man's!) Audi A7.

Rolls Royce does it.

Those are the only 2 companies I know of.

I think it would make an interesting option, provided much did not have to be spent on re engineering the door.

But you also have to keep in mind, those vehicle had/have the umbrella in the rear doors. And those are also vehicles that are made and usually are driven by someone else, id est a chauffeur.

Most other vehicles are driven by it's owner and fitting an umbrella in a front door would most likely involve a lot of engineering, R&D, you're possibly bringing safety and side impact into this....

I like the idea, but considering most cars are driven by 1 person, I just don't see it. Sorry. Just my $0.02
Isaac J 01/12/2013
Great idea! I think it should be offered as an option. It would also add a more high end touch to Lincoln.
Stephen B 01/11/2013
I like the idea, though Volkswagen has done this in the past. What I'd really like to see is a Lincoln that has some style, while not looking like a fancy Ford. They're not competitive with the Audis, BMWs or Mercedes', nor are they even competitive with Cadillac, which truly distiguishes itself from other GM offerings. The Chrysler 300 seems to have taken the slot of the old Lincoln Town Car for the big American luxobarge, but with a bit more attitude.

Lincoln might need to look to the most distinctive model of the last 60 years- the early to mid-60s Continental. Make a convertible version too, as Mercedes was also toying with a 4-door convertible a couple of years ago.

Lincoln needs to either try to compete, or carve out its own niche. Right now, it simply lacks anything that really makes it stand out.