I paid a bunch, I want it all!

I paid good money for my 2011 Ford Edge. One of the main reasons was because of My Ford Touch, and the promise that it would get upgraded to better features.

The 2011 Ford Fiesta has gotten an upgrade to include Sync Applink and the 2012 Mustang is getting it preinstalled from the factory. I'd like to see a Sync upgrade that brings this functionality to Ford Sync on the 2011 Edge as well.
Roger H 11/29/2012
add applink as promised or lose a customer here in the future, plain and simple. currently in 2012 focus with MFT
James J 10/18/2012
Me too, just bought a 2013 Flex and no applink!
Don B 09/27/2012
I agree, just bought a 2013 Escape with My Touch, only to find out NO APPLINK