I am Re-invent the RANGER!

By John D.

Re-invent the Ranger size with  highest fuel efficiency and all alluminum body, with  it electric, or hybrid, or hydrogen fueled. I am so very, very disappointed that Ford dropped the ball in dropping the popular Ranger from its lineup. Size matters!!!
richard p 02/13/2014
I whould love a 4 door 4 wheel drive ranger with a v6 ecoboos in it.
Dominic P 02/12/2014
I agree, it was a bone head move for Ford to drop the Ranger line instead of revamping it. This was one truck that didn't need to be a class leader in capability. It needed to stay small with a slightly bigger interior (reg. cab), comfortable seats, smoother ride, more fuel efficiant powertrain options (excluding hybrid) and then you have to meet new industry standards, all the while maintaining a low price point similar to where it was. I believe this could've been all accomplished on Amarican and Canadian soil.