How about a wagon?

I presently own a 2000 Sable wagon.  I want a new wagon, but it appears I would have to move to Europe to get one.
Please make your fine-looking Mondeo (Fusion) wagon available in the US! 

Chad A 09/08/2014
They could reintroduce the Falcon wagon with the Falcon from Australia.
Jeff G 06/30/2014
My 05 Focus wagon has more space than an Edge or an Escape and gets way better mpg.  Why won't Ford bring the Focus wagon to the us??????
Pat M 05/15/2014
I just wrote the same thing! I am not interested in purchasing an Explorer or a vehicle of that nature! I need a station wagon! A Fusion wagon would be nice! Pat
James S 05/02/2014
Bring the Fusion wagon here!