Hidden lockable compartments

The idea is to have compartments in the floor board, or under a seat, or somewhere hidden by the detachable (velcro) interior material (usually carpet). These compartments would be large enough to put your laptop, or other expensive items.

The compartments would be like a hidden safe. The interior would be padded, the lock would be some type of key or password entry.

Scenario, Your Mac Book Pro cost $3000.00 and you have over $3,000 worth of software on your machine. Your friends invited you to dinner after work in an area of the city that can be a little sketchy. Problem is you need to bring your laptop home.

Do you:

A) Skip dinner because it is to risky?
B) Lug your laptop into the restaurant and have to hold it all night?
C) Chance leaving a $6000.00 machine in the car?
D) Lock it in one of the new Ford secrete compartments, that are completely out of view from prying eyes?