Height adjustable passenger seat

By John S.

Fusion is a big fail in the design for the passenger seat. The seats aren't height adjustable. Anyone below 5'6 will sit in that seat staring at the high dashboard. This flaw just lost you a customer. Major engineering oversight.. Atleast provide a manual height adjustment!!!!!
Gary Polodna 09/02/2014
A six foot 10 inch NBA star must have been the engineer in charge of this flaw. Ford should indeed offer , a reasonable one too. One should be made available at dealers to fix it and not the usual overpriced crap dealers usually charge for their products. I would definitely give 500 dollars to fix this rather than trading a 2014 that I bought new with 350 miles on it for a 2015 for 4 or 5 thousand dollars. The car is only 2 months old.Gary Polodna
Gary 09/01/2014
Where did you find the kits? I've driven for 60 years without warranty worries for the passenger seats. All I got in my Google search was for this complainer site and a couple hundred new ford dealers. I would be willing to pay for this lift seat feature , but not for an extra four thousand dollars difference between the SE and Titanium models. I expect this will be my last new car and would like for my wife to drive and ride happily, so she can help me drive.Gary
Gary Polodna 09/01/2014
Where did you find the kit? I did a google search for a height raising kit on Google, and all I found was this site and about 200 new ford dealers. Thanks    Gary PolodnaSpringfield Mo.
Wayne Ross 08/20/2014
Front passenger seat sucks, my wife is unable to see over dash, PLEASE PLEASE Ford, do an optional fix for those who request.  Anyone looking from the outside would think it's a child in the front.  My wife is even considering using a pillow.  For $27.000+ car the least you can do is correct it.
Patrick C 08/02/2014
Looks like the 2015 SE & Titanium models finally get the missing height feature. SE gets a 6 way, Titanium gets a 10 way.
Julie 07/21/2014
I just recently purchased a 2014 SE fusion after trading in my 2011 SE fusion. If I had sat in the passenger seat before purchasing I would not have bought the car. I am only 5'3 and I can not see over the dashboard. Makes me feel like I am sitting on the floor. PLEASE FORD address this issue!!!
Kent S 07/15/2014
Come on Ford!. Just install a pump up seat like the driver's side has!!!
The seat is a big fail. Fall in, fall out while setting on the floorboard. Did a search and found that some companys are selling lift kits for the seat but I am sure that would void the warranty plus could be dangerous to retrofit the seat. My wife and I wish we had checked the seat more closely, we would not have bought our 2014 Fusion. As far as the drivers seat it seems hard as a rock and gives me a back ache but that could just be me. On our last trip I tried to lie down in the back seat, seat too short and felt like a rock. I think Ford needs to own up to the passanger seat problem and offer a free fix but I do not see that happening.
sal 05/29/2014
S. j. the seat on the 2014 fusion is like seating in a hole. This defect should be addressed by Ford. I am very disappointed by failure to correct this design flaw.
John Carson 07/14/2013
Just add passenger seat height adjustment and I'll become a buyer! This is the one missing feature that kept me from buying the 2013 Fusion.
Steve 06/14/2013
I also found the same concern about the height adjustment for the passenger seat. I'm not that short, 5'10", and I found the passenger seat to be too low in the rental 2013 Fusion we had. It doesn't come in any trim package and I've seen the specs for 2014 and there still is not a seat height adjustment available. Hopefully for 2015.
Tim 11/13/2012
I agree with John. I looked at ALL models of the 2013 Fusion and my 5'5 wife couldn't see over the top of the dash from the passenger seat. Its disappointing to walk away from such a nice looking car for something so simple, but you can't really call it a family car if the family isn't comfortable.
Walter T 10/09/2012
I disagree. You must have looked at a lower model. I test drove one that had it and, not all cars come with that feature on the passanger side so i guess you will have to go to a higher trim