Heated Washer Fluid

By Matt M.

Living in Canada and all, winter poses many issues and constrictions when it comes to snow and ice. It would be nice to have the ability to heat up the washer fluid which would aid in the removal of snow and ice while driving and such.
Michael S 02/27/2013
Meh, i think this isn't an issue, that's why us cold hardened canucks use -40C antifreeze wiper fluid.

Now, if you could actually heat the area around the spray nozzles to melt ice blocking the vent, that would be awesome!

Heated wipers to prevent ice clump streaking for the win LOL!
Mike 02/21/2013
Seems decent as long as the glass is tempered and doesn't crack between thermal differences. I like the concept.
Bill O 02/11/2013
Seems like it would be easy to run a line near the engine, thus warming it???