Heated Seating

Want tan/beige color cloth heated front (at least) seats in the 2013 Fusion (like the VW Jetta has), but add rear heated seating too with Driver over-ride control (driver can disable rear heating), rear seats should sense when there isn't a passenger sitting in the rear seat and automatically turn off and/or default to off every time the car it turned off, so prevent un-needed use. A temp setting 3-5 levels of heating with thermal cut-off to prevent overheating.

The VW Jetta handles this superbly, but lacks back seat heated seats, but it offers this with CLOTH as well as Leather, I have personally used the CLOTH Velour heated seats in an 2002 Jetta for years and its great! Looking to buy the 2013 Fusion, but it doesn't appear to have the cloth tan (or beige) heated seats I want, unless I missed it in the features listing.
Ross S 10/26/2012
Cloth should be an option in any model for all option packages!