Headlight Indicator for Fusion

By Jim R.

I have a new 2010 Fusion SEL with automatic headlights. The only complaint I can find about this otherwise GREAT car is that I have no idea when the headlights are on or off. I know they work automatically based on the ambient light, but unless it's so dark out that I actually SEE the gauge backlights dim, I do not know if the lights came on, are on, or need to be turned on. A simple light in the cluster (like the one that indicates the cruise control is powered on) would be sufficient to indicate the lights are on as well.

This is important because often there are cloudy/foggy/dimly lit days when I'd prefer to have the lights on for safety, but I can't tell if they are on or not already. When I force them on, I inevitably forget to turn them off because I'm used to them being automatic.
Ken 09/13/2012
Big mistake by Ford. Have same complaint on 2012 Escape. Just plain stupid and I am tired of folks flashing me at twi-light and not knowing if the automatic headlights are functioning.