Hazard light location in all vehicles

I am a Enterprise: Rent-a-car, car prep and a huge fan of Ford! I've driven so many brands and kinds of vehicles, and I have found that there is no other middle class vehicle company that can even come close to comparing to the Ford vehicles: smoothness, easy drive ability , convenience, luxury, comfort and fun ( in all sizes of vehicle from mid-size car and up). There is one thing that a lot of other car manufacturers do ( and sadly I think this problem is in the amazing! 2013 Ford Fusion) that is really ugly looking and that is, they put a big hazard lights button between the two top, middle vents or somewhere close to that where it is out of place. Although convenient, it looks royally awful! You can put a hazard button there, but it doesn't need to be so big! My suggestion is to make the new ones look like the small Sony ones in the 2013 Ford Flex's or the small ones in the 2013 Ford Escapes, please. To put it simply, you have to have convenience and a refined look put together.