Half a Ford for a Full experience!

By Alli M.

I'd like to see a Ford car/truck...like the El Camino, Chevy used to make. Only I would like to see it be sporty...a nice black short nosed frontend with two seats in the front and a smaller bed in the back...where that bed goes, 1/4 of it should be enclosed with a fiberglass dog house for traveling that has a "back door" that opens up to the space behind the front seats...so that the dogs can come in during cold weather without having to go in through the passenger doors...dont forget to include a nice Sony sound system! Oh, did I mention it should have black leather seats and be automatic? (Too old now for a five-speed)! Americans spend millions on pets each year, dont you think it is time to take that into consideration when creating automobiles? would be the PERFECT vehicle...handy, good on gas, sharp looking, and safe. Call me when its ready!!!! This