Goosneck Trailer Assist for Ladies

Was very happy with Ford F-250 extended cab, looking to move to crew cab and it is extremely dificult to see Goosneck hitch to line up when you are only 5'3".  Would be nice to have camera in truck bed to see goosneck hitch.  While most superduties are work trucks, many of us use them frequently to pull horse trailers and many of us are quite small in stature.  Also would be nice to reverse truck and move forward by pushing button on stearing wheel to manuver truck to hitch.  I currently have to stand up with my head to cealing to see out back into bottom of truck bed.  It would also be nice to have spot for truck bed camera and trailer camera.  Many people with live animals in back have such cameras and have to put them on seat or mount them to dash.