Goose Neck Camera

By Ben K.

I would love for you to mount a camera on the 3rd brake light for when I hook up to goose neck trailers. It could be integrated with the current reverse camera and have the option of which camera to be using. I already looked into patenting it and its not worth it. Pleasehave this done for the 2015 models because that is when I plan on trading in my 2012's. I will be very dissapointed if this is not done.
Jason L 07/19/2013
I see many customes asking for this feature! In relation to Farmers, Ranchers, RVers, and the US Work Force as a whole, this would prove to be invaluable for safety and a smoother hitching effort. I'd recommend a camera in addition the the tailgate camera and an option in the cab to select between both, on all F250s and up. Ford "Go Further!"