Glove compartment/personal storage

By Bill T.

I spoke to a friend of mine who purchases F250 Super Duty trucks for his locksmith business. He felt that there was inadequate storage in the cabin for his receipts/personal items. I just wanted to give you feedback from a customer. Thanks
DG C 01/15/2013
You think its bad in your truck.....FORD YOU SHOULD GET A BETTER IDEA!
The glove box in my 2012 Focus SEL just ticks me off to no end!!! I literally have to go to to the passenger side, open the door and get on 1 knee to see what is in there!! Why could it not tip out like a Mazda 6 or a Toyota Corolla? What a JOKE! Absolutely NO storage in this vehicle.... not even for a pen or a penny!!! My 06 Mazda 6S at least had a change compartment on the left side below the light switch! You'll be hearing more from me!!! Mr Quincy H.
Jean-Pierre V 01/15/2013
I think this deficiency is inherent in ALL Ford vehicles. I hate having to dig through the glove compartment and center console to find small items like pens. Large items like maps, booklets, and notebooks should also have practical storage solutions other than the seatbacks.

These should all be standard features on all mid and full size vehicles:

Dual or two-tiered glove box, pockets or hidden compartment on center stack for electronics , covered tray on top of dash, pockets on the sides of center console, tray for pens, and sunglasses compartment.