I have thought of two (2) Innovated Ideas for the consumers for when they purchase gas for their vehicles. As a Ford F150 Owner myself I wonder how much gas I place in my tank every time I go to the station and to alleviate that doubt I have thought why not place a small yet readable flat gas gauge on the inside part of the small gas door. This gauge could be exactly as the same on that is located in the dash of any vehicle. This gauge would allow the consumer to check the amount of gas every time they fill up. Also I have thought as a Security Device for your upper class vehicles why not have a device that would lock the drivers seat in the forward position with the back rest also in the forward position.. I would assume that this type of device would make it impossible for someone to steal the vehicle for (2) reasons First it would take more time and also the main reason is that since you can not sit down you obviously can not drive it off.