Future truck beds

People have been going nuts for Dodge's Rambox cargo system. For the F-Series refresh next year, and for the inevitable replacement of the Ranger, I'd suggest some out-of-the-box thinking in the back end. It doesn't need to be gimmicky, just utilitarian. Tonneau covers are bound to become more popular as gas prices rise. Create a package for Ford's new trucks including a quality bed cover, and you might see sales increases. How about more electrical outlets in the bed? Or a power retractable cover? I'd also be willing to bet that Ford has some old Sportrac cargo hooks lying around, those would look great on an F-150 or Ranger.
The truck bed is a blank canvas. Lights, speakers, even cupholders will make buyers look twice. Maybe even a switch back there to control the rear window, for those tailgating days when you want to throw your sweater in the backseat. Dodge is stepping up their game in this area with the success of the Avalanche and recently the Rambox. Ford was in the right direction with the Sportrac models and the new in-tailgate ladder system.
Tommy Blackston 08/04/2011
Ford needs a new design team. the excitement to see the next years model of Ford cars and trucks is no longer exciting, because on already knows their cars lack excitement in their design and Ford's pickups are getting long n tooth in their present design