Fusion Wagon to USA

By P W.

Please please bring the 2013 Fusion Wagon to the USA!
Clay 01/14/2014
I refuse to buy an SUV or crossover, and my 2000 Sable wagon is getting long in the tooth.Ford, get back to your wagon roots and bring the Mondeo/Fusion wagon here....fast!
Brad B 05/13/2013
Hey Ford ! Looks like people really want to see the Fusion/Focus Wagons make their way to America and Canada. We bought the C-Max Hybrid, we absolutely love the car, Car, Hybrid, Wagon all in one.
Great Job Ford.
Well V 03/07/2013
I agree, please bring the Fusion Wagon to Canada as well.
Paul V 02/15/2013
Wagons make so much sense, especially with the Energi & Hybrid models, because their trunks are so tiny. I've been planning to buy the Plug-in Hybrid Fusion for years, but with only 8 cu.ft. of trunk space, I'll reluctantly hold off.