Fusion Wagon

You already have one in Europe called Mondeo. Why not sell them here also?
Chad B 08/01/2014
I rented a Mondeo (Fusion) Combi (Wagon or Estate) with 6 speed manual transmission and a 2.0 L Diesel in Germany, and it was awesome!  Even after going 200 kph on the Autobahn, I got about 38 mpg when I tanked up!  I would marry that car if that was legal and I was not already married to a woman. 
ed w 02/13/2014
Mondeo Wagon; Please.
bob hallam 01/12/2014
Isn't it about time to have a real wagon......? My Taurus X Wagon is wonderful.....Many people asked who makes it....Was the best kept secret ..great marketing folks......Saw a Mondeo in France..awesome....
Phuong N 06/28/2013
Yes please bring the wagon here. I do not want to buy an SUV or CUV or crossover.