fusion wagon

Customers in Canada and the US need a wider range of body styles for their vehicles. There is a Fusion hatchback and wagon available in Europe so they should be available in north America too - this is "One Ford". Europe also has the Escape/Kuga, which is what Ford wants us to buy over here as soon as the word "wagon" is mentioned.
Corey L 07/28/2013
A Fusion hatchback or wagon would be great for the U.S. market.  I don't want a small car or an SUV.  I didn't realize the wagon in Europe also came as a manual...even better!!!  Come on Ford, bring us some choice. I'm sticking with my 2007 Malibu Maxx (which I see on the road much more than non-hatchback Malibus of the same years) until I have a good alternative. I just hope my only choice is not a foreign nameplate.
Justin B 07/25/2013
Bring it - would love to see the Fusion in wagon form!
Paul G 02/11/2013
Ford Fusion Wagon is a beaut!! I hope they bring it to Canada, would pick one up in an instance. If not, might be forced elsewhere
P W 01/26/2013
Yes No suv like things or minvan like things. I'm keeping my Volvo v70 running (200,000k) as long as possible till some US company returns with a wagon.
Bill R 01/15/2013
oh yes one more thing to add if ford had a manual trans option for a fusion wagon i could not get to the sales floor fast enough!
Bill R 01/15/2013
i have been saying for about three years to family and friends that if ford made the fusion in a wagon (hybrid would be nice too) i would run out and buy on tomorrow. with the popularity of the jetta wagon where i live (west mich) also we own one. i can not believe ford has not jumped on this. the two cars are virtually the same size with the fusion being just a little larger which is ideal for my family. with a son who is 6ft and a daughter 5'10'' we find that our jetta is just a little small. please ford marketing team or whoever is in charge of this sort of thing get on the wagon bandwagon and release the fusion wagon in the states!!
Duan D 12/20/2012
isnt the mondeo estate being produced here and shipped over there? if that's the case then that is really ironic if we dont get it :(
Craig D 12/13/2012
Not everyone wants an SUV. We like "cars" with a bit more utility. In other words, we need wagons. The Focus ST wagon and the Fusion/Mondeo wagons are great, just not available in the US. Bring us a Fusion wagon and I'll be in the showroom signing on the dotted line.
Michael J 12/04/2012
Totally agree. How can Europe get the choice, but we in North America can't. Especially not that our fuel and emission standards are getting more and more similar.
I just don't feel car companies should be making that decision for us.