Fusion hybrid Wagen/Hatchback

The claimed mpg for 2013 Fusion is fantastic. Now if there were only a way to put more into it conveniently, it would make a hybrid in demand I expect and with little loss of mpg. So why not make a hatchback or wagon model. This will preserve most of the aerodynamics to keep the mpg high and let consumers like me have a practical vehicle to serve a wide range of needs.
Scott S 05/30/2013
+1 I think they should have both a Wagon and a Hatch in the us. The focus hatchback is selling well in comparison to the sedan, after all.
Brad B 05/13/2013
Hey Ford ! I agree with Terry T. I'd love a SE trim level Fusion Wagon for the Horse Farm, and while I wishing how about a Country Squire model !
John S 02/02/2013
Try getting anything larger than a duffle bag in that trunk opening....useless! The lines are already there for a hatch...do it!
Ryan W 11/20/2012
I genuinely do not understand the purpose of a sedan: What does it do better than a wagon or a hatchback? Unless Ford makes a Fusion wagon in the next few years, I'll probably be getting some kind of Subaru, VW Jettawagen, or Acura TSX wagon.
JJMJRDEC J 11/20/2012
If nat gas comes the fore front that will change every thing ,be ware electric car progress.
J A 11/20/2012
I agree, Ford has yet to release the trunk space for the Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid, however the Fusion Hybrid already lost 4 cu. ft. of space compared to the non-hybrid version (16 cu. ft. vs. 12 cu. ft. for the hybrid). I think this could be remedied by offering a wagon or hatchback version of the Fusion. Not only would this give more storage space, but the aerodynamics could be maintained, e.g. the Tesla Model S.