Fusion coat hook

By Bill B.

I LOVE MY NEW 2013 FUSION, BUT.........
When wearing a suit coat, I like to hang my jacket on the coat hook located within the rear seat grab handle over the door. On my new 2013 Fusion SE, that hook is made so close to the end of the handle that it is nearly impossible to hang anything on it. I commented to my Ford dealer and was told it was just desgined to hold items on hangers, well, that is even more of an imposition. My 2010 Fusion did not have this inconvienience feature, might Ford, Inc. consider supplying a redesigned hook/handle unti?
LEONARD L 04/13/2013
my 2008 Taurus is added to list of BAD hook design. Clean suit jacket always ends up on floor
LEONARD L 02/04/2013
i agree ford did a terrible design on a simple coat hook. designer should be fired
Stan U 02/03/2013
Same problem with the c-max. Bad design.
Donald N 01/31/2013
Clothing hooks on all models I've seen are woefully inadequate for hanging up clothes. Any long road trip vacation requires some clothing that needs to be hung up. Designers take note.