Fully adjustable roof rack

I recently purchased a used 2008 Edge to replace my 1996 Grand Cherokee. I love the Edge but being an avid snowboarder the Ford roof rack has some negatives. First, it is low so when I put the maximum # of boards (4) on the ones facing down are hitting the roof. It should be a bit higher for clearance. Second and most importantly is the cross bars are set and not adjustable forward to back. This is a major problem. Just because it is a crossover and not an SUV doesn't mean that folks won't actually use the roofrack. making the crossbars adjustable would be a major improvement and allow folks like me the ability to adjust them to meet our needs. Thanks. other than that I love the car.
Rob 12/25/2011
I have a 2011 and I have too adjust my skis just to get the Thule racks to work with the stock cross bar.