Full size 2 door car/LTD

By Rich C.

Bring out A 2 door car that is sporty & powerfull enough to pull a fair size boat , camper, The 60's & 70's had these you could do all of the above mentioned with a 65 mustang or better yet with 72 LTD convertable & they where both 2 door cars
Patrick C 01/30/2011
I dont think Ford is interested in any of their vehicles having 2 doors except the Mustang. Its true that they used to offer vehicles like this and used to offer variety within the same nameplate like the Fairlane which had 2 door, four door and wagon variants along with a "sporty" Fairlane that was the Torino. The general lack of big coupes (except for the high rollers like Mercedes and BMW) shows that all future Fords except the Mustang will come in only one flavor, four doors. Variety cost money and Ford is not gong to spend any extra funds to give the customer more of a choice. look at the Fiesta which is sold as a three door in Europe but not here probably because Ford decided that they did not want to commit the extra money to produce the three door body for the US. Ford's lack of a midsize coupe drove me to Honda who for some reason still builds the midsize two door Accord coupe.