Full Rear Window Roll Down

I would like to see all Ford Trucks have the option or standard of having the ability to roll down the full Rear Window completely. I would prefer this over the little box that slides open. Let's see this option come true.
C S 07/29/2012
I agree with the safety associated with the current rear window performance.
Anthony A 03/28/2012
Yes I agree. I think that is the only thing missing from my F150.
Some Guy 03/28/2012
I guess that'd be a cool thing to have. If you drive around with the back window down, wouldn't you get a lot of wind and noise pestering you? I'm sure it'd add weight, though, which is a no-no these days. When Chevy brought out the Avalanche, didn't its mid-gate have a window that rolled down? Did those owners roll the window down a lot?