Fuel door open button location etc.

We recently bought a 2014 Ford Fusion Energi Titanium,we found that the location of the fuel door right next to the passenger side of the center panel is not very optimal, its prone to having the fuel door getting opened  accidentally when you move your elbow etc.

Even thought its a great convenience feature to have it on top, i feel that location of these buttons on the Fusion Energi Titanium are misplaced.  They could either be on the center dash where accidental clicks to these buttons are avoided.

The reason i bring this up is we had an accidental opening of the fuel door in our new car, and could not close it for few miles while driving. this later triggered an emissions issue and resulting in check engine light coming on.  We had to take the car to the dealership to have it diagnosed and reset.  

Especially with kids in the car you don't want these buttons in an easily accessible place for others other than the driver.

I vote that buttons like 
 - Park Assist
 - Fuel door open
 - EV mode

should be moved to driver side either on the main dash or  in front of the gear selector where accidental clicks can be avoided. A place where these are not prone to accidental clicks.  These buttons are too close the passenger seat. 

The ford technician also confirmed that they have far too many customers having accidental opening and obd-II check engine light coming on.

Rick N 03/21/2014
I have a 2013 Energi and had the same trouble. Suggest placement on driver side left. Last week had to replace fitting around gas cap area as sender was faulty showing cap open when it was not thus resulting in check engine light being on all the time. Still, the best car I've ever owned!