Frozen steering wheel?

By Greg S.

I think that ford should start to make it an available option to get a heated steering wheel on vehicles such as the F series trucks, the fusion, taurus, and edge and explorer it would be a great addition for people who live in ohio like me! nothing is worse than a cold steering wheel! i mean the seats are heated, and mirrors, and even rear seats, why not the steering wheel also??? 
Justin B 12/16/2013
The problem with your idea is that slip rings are generally made for either power or signal, this is the device that allows mechanical rotation while maintaining electrical contacts. It is possible to have both power and signal, but to avoid the noise interferrence you would likely get when running the heater, it would be a costly addition. Ford would also have to include the added cost of stocking 2 slip rings: one high power and signal and one cheap one for just cruise, horn, and radio buttons. Why not invest in a cheap wool steering wheel cover?