Front Wheel Drive Transit Van

Summer 2012 my wife an I shipped our Toyota Sienna pop top camper from the U.S.A to Europe and spent 4 months camping all around Europe. Everywhere we saw the Ford Transit vans converted into Class B and C R.V./campers. We talked to the owners and they Loved their vans. Our Sienna 150,000 miles and are looking for new larger van to convert into a R.V./Camper. I have looked at information on U.S.A Transit van and found that Ford is only building the Rear wheel drive version for the U.S.A. The European version of Transit is available Front, rear and all wheel drive. I am very interested in a camper in a Front wheel drive version of the Transit as this is the version most of the R.V./campers in Europe used. I realize this would require a slightly different body than the rear wheel drive version. However the lower floor and roof would make a more stable camper. Also, I would suggest using a soft suspension so the van would be comfortable to drive. A heavy load capacity is not required as the R.V/camper conversions would weight about 1500 pounds. I was able to recently drive a 2014 Dodge Promaster front wheel drive van which has a much stiffer suspension to allow for a 4000 pound load. The ride of this van with 3 people was so harsh it gave my wife and I immediate backaches after a 1 block test drive. I have designed a R.V./camper for the long wheelbase medium roof version of the Transit and look forward to being able to test drive the Transit van. Let me know when and if Ford would consider offering a front wheel drive Transit van for the U.S.A. Michael J. Chernus, M.S.Chernus Designs