Front Wheel Drive Compact Pickup

I've owned several compact pickups, both Ford and Chevy, and I've always loved the convenience of putting the dirty stuff in the bed and keeping it out of the cab. They're big enough to help a buddy move, but small enough to ensure you won't have to move the whole house. That being said, all small 2wd pickups have the same 2 basic problems. 1. No traction in the rain or snow, and 2. poor gas mileage. With most SUV and Crossover vehicles moving to car/sedan - based platforms, why not consider a front wheel drive compact pickup? I live in Maryland and although the climate isn't bad, we get our share of rain and snow. In my experience a 2wd (rwd) pickups are almost useless when heavy snow hits, unless you fill the bed with lead, and they can be a handful on wet roads. Why not take a page out of the compact/mid-size sedan books and create a fwd? Base it on the fusion chasis, with 4 and 6 cylinder options, perhaps even a hybrid. I would imagine the wet and snow traction problems would be a thing of the past, and given the majority of the weight would rest over the front wheels. And, with the already proven fuel efficiency of the focus, you could have a 35 mpg pickup. This would be the perfect vehicle for Harry Homeowner, who needs a daily driver during the week, but also needs to haul the typical yard debris and odds and ends on the weekend. Pair it with a locking front differential similar to the jeep compass, and you could eliminate the need for 4 wheel drive gas guzzlers in 75% of america. In my opinion, this is a no-brainer. The chasis and drivetrain are already there, just design an attractive truck body to go on top.
Bill 03/23/2013
I have been waiting for ford to make a front wheel drive version pickup for people that want good gas milage and a bed to haul light loads for home and garden chores. I feel this would go over well expecially for non comercial use and the fact it is better to drive in bad weather.
Charlie 12/16/2011
What is needed is a hybrid Tacoma sized truck with 2/4 drive. 2.4lt. engine that re charges the battery when in gas mode.
Rogers Hunter 12/11/2011
I don't like the idea of a front-wheel-drive pickup although I'm sure I won't have much choice in the matter pretty soon. I've seen a couple of near disasters on wet boat ramps involving front-drive SUVs spinning their front wheels merrily while the whole affair slid slowly backwards into the water. With RWD pickups everybody just jumps into the bed and now there is enough weight for all the traction in the world. Up the ramp we go! I won't pull my boat with front-wheel drive. And I won't buy an All-Wheel-Drive vehicle just so I can pull my boat up the ramp. Too much expense and maintenance for something I need only several times in a season.
It is obvious to me that Ford is probably going to do away with RWD on everything in the near future as is evident with the replacement of the Econoline with the FWD Transit series. I'm sure the pickups are next. I wasn't going to buy one anyway since manual transmissions have been discontinued on them. I really don't like automatics.
I wonder how they will market a FWD Mustang? I'm sure that's coming, too.
Michael Masin 10/18/2011
You could add AWD to a Mustang chassis for a car based pickup that would have enough traction in the wet
Brad Barefoot 10/17/2011
This is a great idea, everyone remember the Dodge Rampage, The VW Fox pickup. We (Ford) have a great platform with the Fusion. Offer only 1 cab (extended) with removeable kid sized jump seats. Offer the same engine grouping as the Fusion, and use the KISS system, limit options to the paramatters already in the Fusion category, and with a 1,000 lbs to 1,500 lbs tow rating.
Michael Masin 10/05/2011
Look up the Ford Falcon Ute, is that what your after maybe?
Kyle Wilson 09/20/2011
Here's the problem: if the front wheels are the drive wheels, when you put weight in the back of the truck, you lose traction because of weight distribution. That's why you put sandbags and studded tires on a truck in the winter.