Front or all wheel drive Mustang

Love the looks and mpg of Ford Mustang but impracticle where it snows.

Make it in Front wheel or ideally all wheel drive and I will buy one.
Daniel W. 08/08/2012
The Idea for an AWD Mustang would be awesome, I hope Ford comes out with one. I would buy three of them in one day.
Francis G 06/22/2012
I think a four wheel or all wheel Mustang would sell. The time will come when one of the manufactures will build it. The question is, who will be the first to the punch?
Nestor R 06/16/2012
Obviously a Mustang isn't the car for you, too much muscle I suppose, you might like a Focus ST though, it can perform and it's FWD.
Carl W 05/30/2012
So you think that would be bad? You'd be right.. I think if you want that you need a Taurus SHO! 365 hp 400 (or so) ft/lbs of torque. And it can easily keep up with a 5.0 L Mustang!
Celeste H 05/16/2012
Nope. I think people really under-appreciate the characteristics of RWD. My 06 has 120k on it, and she handles whatever the road throws at us with excellent predictibility. Doesn't eat tires, less repair costs in the end (and have you ever tried to find a front differential for an AWD Fusion??)... Keep the FWD and the AWD for the SUVs, please.
John G 05/13/2012
A FWD Mustang should never come into existence. I say "Vote No!"