Front bench seat

By Kim B.

I have been searching high and low to find a ford suv that has a front bench seat. All i am finding is bucket seats, which is great for some but i have a mail route in which i need to sit in the middle to reach accross to the passager window. Bucket seats are comfy but people with families also need price to be reasonable and not packed fun of accessories that add to the price. Plain jane models seem nonexistant anymore.
Shirley W 11/24/2013
I also am a mail carrier and looking for a bench seat. I drove a Ranger for 5 years and had to retire it because the salt ate the body. Bought a rhd-Jeep. It keeps breaking down, so far I missed 4 days of work and will miss 3 more. I would like a suv with a bench.
It would be nice if Ford could do something for us.
Johann S 01/26/2013
Would love to have a spare 6th seat when needed. Plus, my spouse would like to cuddle up during long boring drives. And, bench seats really are more comfortable. C'mon Ford, MAN UP!
Rhonda G 01/24/2013
I miss the bench seats. They were more comfortable. I also deliver mail and have the same problem. I currently drive a Ranger but would really like to upgrade to the 2011 Explorer if I could find a bench seat that would fit in it.
Jill D 12/18/2012
My parents have been searching high and low for a car with a bench seat. They are older now and cannot climb up into high vehicles like trucks and SUVs. My mom is slightly larger and finds the bucket seat uncomfortable and restricting. Plus, she claims there is nowhere to place her purse when she has a passenger in the car with her.
Please bring back the bench least as an option on some vehicles.